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Seahaven Business Awards
And another testimonial
Testimonial Time
Seahaven Business Awards Success


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May News

Another chance for you…

To learn and practiceIndian Head Massage. This fully clothed seated treatment involves work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It helps reduce stress, fatigue, eyestrain, increase mental clarity, and relaxes and rejuvenates the receiver.

Head massages originated as part of the ancient Indian practice of medicine, called Ayurveda, which brings balance the body, mind and spirit promoting long life and good health.

During this workshop you will learn and practice a simple Indian Head Massage routine which you can use on family and friends.

Seahaven Business Awards

Really pleased to be M.C. at the Seahaven Business Awards again this year (5th in a row). Great to see that the Seahaven area is a powerhouse of business diversity and success. From multi million pound international operations through multi skilled and multi-talented SME’s to the dedication and hard work of sole traders we all share the same spark of enterprise. Let us fan that spark into a flame by the means of hard work, co-operation. We all plan and work to make our businesses grow to make things better for ourselves and our families, our staff, and our community, to do the best job we can and, in some way, improve the lives of our customers.

And another testimonial

This one from late March.

"I had been suffering low back pain for many years and various Chiropractors and Osteopaths had not managed to give any lasting "comfort fix". It was beginning to really impact on my life and severely restricting the things I could do. I was like a 90 year old only 47!! A friend who was witnessing my decline recommended I see Ian. Said friend had quietly raved about Ian’s treatments. I saw Ian and after treatment for the first time in years had a sound nights sleep -All the way through with no back pain!

Testimonial Time

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from early March. 

Ian, I’m delighted to have found you through an internet search during my short visit to Seaford after long flights from Australia and hauling suitcases up and down stairs took their toll on my back. It seems that you picked up on my pain during our initial phone call, so thanks for finding a short slot for me at very short notice. That relieved the worst of the discomfort enormously and a longer session a couple of days later really did the trick.

Seahaven Business Awards Success

Very proud to have been MC at the 14th Annual Seahaven Business Awards 2017 and to have met so many successful businesses from the Newhaven, Seaford, and Peacehaven district as well as the Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, Mr Peter Field.

Congratulations to everyone who entered! I look forward to you all entering again in 2018!
I really enjoyed the evening and would like to extend my experience in this direction, so if you or anyone you know needs an MC, Host, toastmaster, or auctioneer please let them know about me.

What is Kinesiology?

I use Kinesiology a lot in clinic but not everyone knows what it is.

Kinesiology is a brilliant technique where we can ask the “bio-computers” which run your body questions and … get answers. From there various methods are used to bring your body back into balance and therefore optimum health.

My clients have reported significant reductions and often complete relief from the symptoms of IBS and other stomach problems, migraines and headaches, anxiety, depression , low energy, strange and spurious aches and pains, skin complaints, candida, fertility issues, post traumatic issues, general stress and many more.

Dangerous clothing!!

The BBC has reported today that The British Chiropractic Association has announced that various items of clothing can “Wreak Havoc” on our bodies.

The top five dreaded items are cited as Skinny Jeans, Large Handbags, Big hoods, High Heels, and backless shoes. So, gentlemen, you are off the hook.

These finding have been rejected by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and other back experts. So, Ladies, you are off the hook too.

However there is some truth in the message. Our amazing bodies are very good to adapting to what we do most of.

Client of the week

A lady who has been to see me in the past for shoulder tension decided to extend her normal fitness/stress relief running and do a Half Marathon. I helped her with the extra leg tension this gave rise to and instructed her on stretching routines to keep her legs in the best condition.
I am delighted to say she completed the Brighton Half Marathon in just over two hours, fantastic.
If you are looking to train up for an event whether it is running, cycling, walking, sailing, kayaking or any other sport or activity I can help keep you at your optimum level of health and fitness to train enabling you to enjoy he event on the day.

Testimonial time

I find it very rewarding to receive spontaneous testimonials from clients such as the one below:-

Having had considerable pain in the thoracic, rib and sternum region I visited Ian Kerr for soft tissue remedial massage therapy and kinesiology.  After Three treatments the relief was enormous.  Ian’s expertise, methodical way of treating, his care and patience to understanding the problems and his professionalism were exemplary.  I would definitely recommend Ian Kerr to treat muscular aches and pain.

Client of the Week

A gentleman in his mid 40’s came to see me this week for a third visit. On his first visit he had massive pain in his left leg in variable places sometimes a far as his shin and foot. He described the pain as deep tooth ache and no amount of moving would give him any comfort. His description suggested a nerve impingement in his lower back/bum.

His Psoas and Glute Max, Glute Med, and TFL (tensor facia lata) were all very tight and yet he could not recall any injury or overuse which might have caused such a problem.
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