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Each treatment ....is individually tailored to suityou, the client.
As a Complementary Practitioner I am free to use a combination of therapies so that you receive the most effective treatment I can give.
 It all depends on what you want.
When you visit me in clinic we will discuss your issue and I will advise you of the treatment scheme I intend to use for that session. This may change from session to session as your issue improves. Whatever methods I use I know I can help reduce your symptoms and increase your quality of life.
There are times when you might not know what treatment you want but you know something is not right. These are the times when you just want someone to 'Sort Me Out'. Using a mixture of the skills at my disposal I can help to Sort You Out and allow you to reach your highest potential.
If you came to me with a Sports Injury whether a running injury, football injury, rugby injury or any sports injury  which was the result of a fall, sprain or overuse I might use Kinesiology to pin point the site of the injury and to release the localised cell memory of that injury. Then I might use Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release Techniques to release the muscles and surrounding structures and then whilst applying soothing massage techniques, I might use some NLP goal setting techniques to tell the injured area how you expect it to heal.
During pre-event Sports massage treatments on the build up to a major event i.e. The London Marathon, I might also use some additional NLP techniques to help you focus on your personal goal for the up coming major event.
An NLP consultation for success, or phobias or weight Loss (Becoming Slim) might include some Kinesiology to help rebalance your body after a large shift in belief.
Hot Stones massage, Relaxing massage & Indian Head Massage are all extremely relaxing treatments which follow a dedicated routine and do not lend themselves to adding other techniques easily.
A Kinesiology treatment for digestive problems may include some massage of muscles associated with the large intestine meridian to release the flow of energy through your body.
You may have Back pain, Sciatica, Knee pain, ankle pain, headache or Neck ache.
 If you made an appointment with me I might use Kinesiology to asses your situation and only then massage you as is appropriate.
Whether your issue is Physical, or Emotional I will tailor each treatment individually to suit you.
Call 01323 899563 to make an appointment
 Mostly treatments are 60 minutes long, however Sports massage treatments can be shorter or longer depending on the areas affected. Also most NLP consultations are a minimum of two hours.
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