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About Us
"Health is not just the passive state of freedom from disease, but, an active condition of being, of growth, development, and evolution."
John F. Thie 1973
This quote is from John F Thie, the man who brought Kinesiology to the masses through Touch For Health.
I completely identify with this concept.
I have been practicing Complementary Therapies for over 20 years part time and I reclaimed my life in May 2005 to practice full time.
With my training and experience in NLP, Massage, and Kinesiology I bring a truly holistic approach to complementary health.
You may want to improve your sports performance or recover from an injury quicker. Relieve your suffering from a chronic illness or build your confidence. Or let massage soothe your mind & body and allow self healing to happen. Whatever your goal I will work with you and your body using a mixture of techniques to achieve the optimum result for you.
Optimum health is a mixture of Physical Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing, Nutritional Integrity and Personal Growth.
I can help you in all of these areas.
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