Ian Kerr - Feel Great, Achieve More, Take Control of Your Life
Empowered Workplace

Ian can help you keep your workforce Healthy, Happy, and Hard at Work!

Empowered and inspired people are more productive, have less sick leave, and stay with firms where they feel valued and respected and a great way of doing this is to encourage them to better health, wealth, and happiness through better posture, encouraging more movement, selective health advice, supportive care and consideration, and helping them make informed life choices to raise themselves up the hierarchy of needs.

Ian's highest goal is for your workforce to consciously choose to be at work rather than feeling that they have to be. Knowing that, for whatever reason, coming to work is a positive choice empowers them to give themselves permission to do the very best they can for their company.

Ian has worked very successfully with a major energy company for over 7 years de-stressing the staff and encouraging them to engage in their own health and wellbeing.

He provides clear and simple advice, guidance, and encouragement - either in person or on line - that addresses the following;

Stress Relief

Mental health triggers

Relaxation and mindfulness

DSE position

General Posture

Work Environment


Nutrition and weight loss

Aches and pains

Aspirations – Personal and Company

To discuss how Ian could help your Business become more successful please call him direct on 07941 348312

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