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It's time to Step Ahead with your life.NLP (neuro-linguistic Programming) is a very effective way of changing the pictures you have about yourself in your head, a way of changing the stories you have written about yourself, into positive and successful ones.
Henry Ford is credited with saying
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right"
NLP is brilliant at adjusting your thinking so that 
you can.
I will coach you through processes which release the power of your unconscious mind to work  with you rather than against you. You will leave with these skills for you to use in every situation as you Step Ahead.
What are you ready to change?
Personal Growth  ~  Phobias  ~Sports Performance  ~  Bad Habits  ~  Smoking     Fertility Problems  ~  Lack of Confidence  ~  Business Growth  ~  Relationships  ~  Weight Loss
What can NLP help you with?
I know that NLP works and that it can help you. Everyone has their individual problems and no one is exactly the same as anyone else. For this reason everyone's NLP journey is different and, after careful discussion with you, treatment is tailored to get the best results from the time we spend together. Call Ian on 07941 348312 to discuss your issues.
What can I expect in a NLP session?
An NLP session is carried out in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Time is taken to listen carefully to you and to help you decide your goals and outcomes. I will then use the appropriate NLP techniques with you to attain the results you desire.  You will leave with these skills for you to use in every situation as you Step Ahead in your life.
How long will it take?
Often a complete fix of an individual problem, such as a Phobia, smoking, and sports performance, takes place within a two hour session. For other issues I recommend a 'Break Through Session'. Break Through sessions are usually completed in one long  6-8 hour session although this can be broken down into 2 hour sessions over a period of time. 
How much will it cost?
This will depend entirely on the package of treatment on which we agree. Please call me to discuss your needs and I will give you a quote. Or check out the How Much
Where and when can I see you?
Please see the contact us page.
About Phobias
Phobia:  An extreme fear of a particular thing or situation, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained. (Oxford English dictionary)
Phobias give an excellent example of a 'one time learn'. That is to say that your mind has learnt to react to a particular trigger from one, or possibly two, very traumatic events probably when you were very young.
NLP can help you 'overwrite' that reaction and free you from your fear.
Phobias which occur in later life are caused in exactly the same way as the ones from childhood days, although they tend to creep up on you more slowly because, as adults, we can rationalise things better!
Common ( and not so common) phobias;
Spiders  ~  Snakes  ~  Frogs  ~  Balloons  ~  Clowns  ~  Flying  ~  Birds  ~   Woollen jumpers  ~  Crowds  ~  Going underground 
and many many more.
Whatever your fear the NLP phobia cure techniques session takes around two hours to complete and the effects last forever.
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