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Relaxing Massage
can bring an oasis of physical & emotional harmony into your life.
 Relaxing Massage treatments can increase your sense of overall wellbeing leaving you feeling pampered all over.
The Relaxation of tense muscles in a warm and comforting atmosphere brings a moment of escape from everyday life.
Strong soothing movements bring extra blood and nutrients to areas of tension and stress, relieving pain, stiffness and fatigue in muscles as waste products are removed and normal functioning quickly restored.
Using your choice of specially chosen pre-blended aromatherapy oils from our shop the wellbeing effect is further enhanced.
Please see the How Much page for prices.
Relaxing Massage Menu
Hot Stones Massage
Experience the intensely soothing Hot Stone Massage. This ancient far-eastern technique has been given a contemporary twist by American Mary Hannigan.
Dark, smooth, rounded volcanic basalt stones are warmed and placed on the body whilst others are used to massage each area of the body.
The full blissful treatment lasts around 70 minutes but the effects last for days.
The treatment for the upper body last over 35 relaxing minutes and stays with you when you leave.
Indian Head Massage
An ancient Eastern technique which promotes relaxation of the shoulder and neck muscles encouraging the release of tension and stagnant energies from the body.
Indian Head Massage helps to increase the blood supply to the brain promoting clearer thinking and improved concentration.
Indian Head Massage is a very relaxing massage conducted fully clothed in a seated position with energy balancing to the upper chakras.
The Indian Head Massage experience lasts around 40 minutes.
Relaxing Massage
Long soothing relaxing massage strokes encourage complete relaxation over the body.
Using tradition Swedish Massage techniques muscles are softened and clients come away with a great sense of wellbeing.
Clients can have 30 minutes or 60 minutes of body and mind soothing massage.
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