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Sports Massage
is not just for Athletes, everyone can benefit from releasing tension and pain.

Sports massage will help you reach and maintain your optimum performance.
Sports massage improves muscle tone and allows your body move and work smoothly allowing you to better your P.B.
Deep Tissue Massage will get into those knots and niggles which irritate and take away your edge, whether at work or through sports.
If you have an injury, whether a running injury, football injury, rugby injury or any sports injury  which was the result of a fall, sprain or overuse or even an everyday non sporting slip, trip or fall, Remedial Massage  will help release the pain and tension which has occurred.
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Sports Massage
Using a large number of techniques including N.M.T, S.T.R. and assisted stretching, I will, over time,  bring your body to its optimum level of performance.
Toned and flexible muscles work to much higher efficiency allowing you to reach new heights.
With appointments from 30 minutes to an hour I can help any sports people whatever your level of activity.
Deep Tissue Massage
This massage relieves those knots which can niggle and irritate at you. Areas of tension which might be posture related at work or in your leisure time.
Relief form a long term niggle can feel like you have a brand new body.
Usually and hour these techniques release loads of tension.
Remedial Massage
Injury recovery can be speeded up with the careful application of massage whether it is a sports injury, everyday accident or operation.
By releasing muscle tension, encouraging better blood flow, releasing scar tissue and Myofascial release, recovery times can be greatly shortened and levels of pain and discomfort reduced dramatically.
Injury recovery treatments can start as soon as 2 days after the injury or operation and treatments between 30 to 90 minutes are tailored to you.
If you do injury yourself then follow the RICE procedure immediately and seek medical advice as soon as possible.
R = Rest - stop what you are doing and rest the injured area.
I = Ice - apply ice to the area to reduce swelling
C = Compression - apply a tubi grip or other elastic bandage to the area to reduce swelling and to help support the area.
E = Elevate - get the injured area above heart level. This help to reduce swelling and helps fresh blood into the area easily.
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