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"I had been suffering low back pain for many years and various Chiropractors and Osteopaths had not managed to give any lasting "comfort fix". It was beginning to really impact on my life and severely restricting the things I could do. I was like a 90 year old only 47!! A friend who was witnessing my decline recommended I see Ian. Said friend had quietly raved about Ian’s treatments. I saw Ian and after treatment for the first time in years had a sound nights sleep -All the way through with no back pain! I wish I had seen Ian years ago and cannot recommend his brilliant treatments highly enough. My wife is also benefiting from Ian’s magic touch and wise advice...Anyone new to Kinesiology need not fear. The results for me speak for themselves and I am certainly enjoying a return to comfortable active health”
Jan W, Horsham

Ian, I’m delighted to have found you through an internet search during my short visit to Seaford after long flights from Australia and hauling suitcases up and down stairs took their toll on my back. It seems that you picked up on my pain during our initial phone call, so thanks for finding a short slot for me at very short notice. That relieved the worst of the discomfort enormously and a longer session a couple of days later really did the trick. Heavenly relief—it’s just what I wanted!
I felt comfortable with your professionalism from the start and you have a lovely easy manner. You knew exactly which spots to target and I like the way you explained in clear terms each step you were taking during the massage treatment and why, and how the exercises and tips you suggested would provide ongoing self-help to stop specific problem areas from flaring up again.
Thank you. Seaford is lucky to have you.
Jennifer H, Australia

I was about to ask to have both knees replaced when I went to visit Ian. Thanks to his particular mix of complementary treatment I am now enjoying life again. I now walk without a limp and climb and descend stairs properly and I feel it's only a matter of time before I will be running again. 
Rene J, Peacehaven
I had a crushing fear of public speaking and particularly of presenting to a group of people. Then I had just one NLP session with Ian which changed what was a debilitating fear into a minor anxiety and I was able to deliver a successful presentation the following week.  
Jeanette S, Lewes
I want to say how much I enjoyed the hot stones treatment,
I have told everyone and anyone how relaxing and uplifting the experience was.
I feel that everyone would benefit from Ian’s life enhancing treatments!
Clive G, Peacehaven 
Ian completely changed my life by getting rid of my phobia of water. I hated getting water anywhere near my face. Now I can take my granddaughter swimming, I take deep baths, I’ve been on the water rides at theme parks, and went to Australia where I swam in the sea.
Anne T, Seaford 
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