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Client of the Week

A gentleman in his mid 40’s came to see me this week for a third visit. On his first visit he had massive pain in his left leg in variable places sometimes a far as his shin and foot. He described the pain as deep tooth ache and no amount of moving would give him any comfort. His description suggested a nerve impingement in his lower back/bum.

His Psoas and Glute Max, Glute Med, and TFL (tensor facia lata) were all very tight and yet he could not recall any injury or overuse which might have caused such a problem.

Client of the week

Client of the Week!

Overwhelming reactions can be our current day response to a historical trigger.

A man in his late 30’s came to see me a couple of weeks ago for help with his OCD symptoms. They were not major symptoms but his partner was concerned that they were getting more intrusive. He needed to have things done in a certain order and he needed to clean parts of the house in a certain way. He also appeared quite controlling with their young child.

Using Kinesiology we discovered that his OCD symptoms were driven by fear and anxiety from when he was younger.

It's not what it is...

It's not what it is........
..............it's how you feel about it!!

And you can change how you feel about anything!!
A couple of weeks ago a lady came to see me about her spider phobia. It was so bad that even talking about spiders made her cry. If one was near her she would scream, run around in circles and start to hyperventilate.
All our responses are learnt responses to a particular incident in our lives. For this lady it was when she was very young and her older cousins would chase her around the garden with spiders in their hands.

Brand New Relaxation Interlude

I have very exciting news - one of the projects I focussed on while I was off with my separated Shoulder has come to fruition.

On the Beach - a Relaxation Interlude

Recorded on Seaford Beach on Britains’ South Coast this relaxation interlude gives you a space of calm and relaxation in your day.
With a special guided section to help you de-clutter your mind you will return from the beach refreshed and re-energised. 
At just 13 minutes long you can use this interlude to discover a moment of mindfulness any time during your day, whether morning, lunchtime, evening or any other break you might have.

Separated Shouler Week 1 to 10

My shoulder is very strong now and I am back at work full time from September 6th.
I will be updating this blog soon with the full story.

Separated Shoulder Day 5

Friday 17 June

Most of this morning was spent researching treatment options on the internet and formulating question for the consultant on Monday. Maxine and I have a saying whenever either of us go to the Health Service for help, we say “We are in good hands - our own!”

Don’t get me wrong, I think that the NHS is a brilliant institution and there are many people that I know personally who are alive and healthy because of the NHS. But the service has its’ agenda which is more about keeping the population vertical and working within a budget without much consideration to the quality of life that patients experience after treatment.

Separated Shoulder Day 4

Thursday 16 June

One of the pre-conditions of the Esperance seeing me was to have a referral letter from my GP which, as you might imagine, could have been a challenge in itself. But, I was very lucky to get an appointment this morning with a locum GP. He listened to my story and hand wrote a referral letter there and then as well as giving me a fit note (saying I wasn’t fit) and, when asked his advice, suggested that an MRI scan would probably help with planning any treatment. What a lovely man, the complete opposite of the consultant yesterday, he had time and compassion and showed understanding.

Separated Shoulder Day 3 part 2

Wednesday 15 June part 2

What a difference a few hours makes! This morning I felt very buoyant, that with the right medical help this could be an opportunity to complete loads of ideas whilst my shoulder healed. Then I spoke to the consultant.

She was running 45 minutes late, which is not a problem to me as she is dealing with people and all the quirks and variables that make us wonderfully individual, but she seemed to rush through my treatment plan with a sort of casual mundaneness as if this sort of injury happens every day, which perhaps it does in her world.

Separated shoulder Day 3

Wednesday 15 June

Just read a JFK quote “The word ‘crisis’ when written in Chinese is made up of two characters. One represents danger whilst the other represents opportunity”.

Well I am going to take this crisis as an opportunity.

I have been known to say that I have an idea for this or that but don’t have the time to progress them further. Well now the universe has given me time, loads of time. Watch this space as I get my ideas solidified. Also this is an opportunity for me to show how powerfully the methods I use complement the biomedical model.

Separated shoulder Day 2

Tuesday 14 June  

I slept quite well and, interestingly, I am not in what I would call agony. My right shoulder is sore when I don’t move it and quite a lot more painful when I do, but, not agony. I investigated what could have happened and I feel, with the help ofhttps://www.shoulderdoc.co.uk/article/60  that I have a grade 2 or 3 ACJ dislocation or Separated Shoulder. I have probably snapped the Coracoclavicular ligaments which hold the collar bone down and also the Acronoclavicular joint capsule.
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