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Separated shoulder Day 2

Tuesday 14 June  

I slept quite well and, interestingly, I am not in what I would call agony. My right shoulder is sore when I don’t move it and quite a lot more painful when I do, but, not agony. I investigated what could have happened and I feel, with the help of https://www.shoulderdoc.co.uk/article/60  that I have a grade 2 or 3 ACJ dislocation or Separated Shoulder. I have probably snapped the Coracoclavicular ligaments which hold the collar bone down and also the Acronoclavicular joint capsule. Hence the mild pain I am feeling. Torn ligaments are very painful as only some of the ligament remains to stabilise the joint but snapped ligaments have no tension and so no pain. My mild pain is probably the bruising coming out and muscle aches from being in the wrong place.

Unfortunately I went on to read that standard treatment is symptomatic management and rehabilitation usually over a 12 week period. As I am self-employed this was quite a shock as, even with the income protection insurance I have, 12 weeks is a long time without full income. (Just a note on income protection insurance as I understand it; you can only insure yourself for up to 60% of your income from the year before you take out the insurance. This is a government condition so that you don’t decide that being off sick is better than working. Also the immediate pay-out premium is huge so most people pick the six week deferred pay-out premium but that means you need 6 weeks money to live on before the insurance pays out 60% of the income you needed all those years ago when you took the policy out!!!).

There are surgery options and that is what I will be talking to the consultant about tomorrow.

Feeling a bit low and emotional after researching the options and thinking of the time ahead before I can get back to full fitness. I have had several concerned messages from friends and clients for which I am very grateful but I am still focussing on what I can’t do.

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