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Separated Shoulder Day 3 part 2

Wednesday 15 June part 2

What a difference a few hours makes! This morning I felt very buoyant, that with the right medical help this could be an opportunity to complete loads of ideas whilst my shoulder healed. Then I spoke to the consultant.

She was running 45 minutes late, which is not a problem to me as she is dealing with people and all the quirks and variables that make us wonderfully individual, but she seemed to rush through my treatment plan with a sort of casual mundaneness as if this sort of injury happens every day, which perhaps it does in her world. Surgery options were disregarded without explanation, “we wouldn’t operate on that” and her statement “your shoulder returned to full function” didn’t quantify how ‘full’ full function would be. As you may appreciate my work is quite strenuous and my hobbies mainly involve me being outdoors in the wild so ‘full function’ is very important to me. After avoiding or side stepping Maxine and my concerns and repeating that they would treat my shoulder “conservatively”, with sling support and physio for six weeks and assess then if it had worked or not and if not perform an operation at that point with another 6 weeks recovery, she offered a second opinion with the “shoulder specialist” but he was not in clinic until a week Tuesday (13 days away).

I left the hospital feeling very cross and in a confused and helpless state similar to Monday morning when I was on the cycle track. Without an explanation of how rest and physio would re-stabilise the joint while allowing full range of movement and strength I had no clear path or support to manage my shoulder until the second opinion in 13 days. It crossed my mind that she might have had an eye on her budget as conservative treatment is probably cheaper. Maxine felt that she was trying to make up the time she was over running and that she didn’t want to perform the shoulder surgery. Whatever the reason I know that I would not be happy with her performing my operation even if she decided to do one.

After a few low and grumpy hours I discovered that the “shoulder specialist” to whom I had been referred also worked at the Esperance Hospital in Eastbourne and I now have an appointment with him on Monday. I will have all the right questions ready this time! Things are looking up!!

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