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Getting through Carona

I thought I would add my voice to the many e-mails we are already receiving during this pandemic. I am doing OK and recovering slowly, too slowly for me, but still negotiating with my fatigue so that I can last the day out.

Enough about me, what about all of us? These are scary times with public restrictions unseen for two generations. Times where normality has changed and we are starting to consider the ‘greater good’ and think more about what we can do for others. Perhaps there is a lesson in this crisis for the whole human race?


This virus is spreading through close human contact and our governments’ social distancing and isolation measures appear to be working (touch wood!). There is a lot of emphasis in the media being put on the race to produce a vaccine to deal with this virus, however, even with accelerated processes the commercial production of this is probably over a year away.

Covid-19 is a virus, a very nasty virus that appears to transmit easily between people, but a virus nevertheless. We, each and every one of us, have a natural defence against all sorts of viruses and other pathogens. Our immune systems are at work 24 hours a day identifying and neutralising threats to our bodies. Although we have to catch a disease for the immune system to learn how to deal with it, once the immune system has identified which disease it is it swings into action and deals with it quickly.

I am building up my immune system so that, if I do get covid-19, I am in the best possible state to deal with it and if I don’t contact it I will be protected against any of the “normal” bugs that inhabit this earth with us.

Effective nutrition is a good start and king against bugs is Vitamin C. We humans are the only mammals that do not produce vitamin C inside our bodies (some genetic throwback to when we got enough vitamin C in our diets). At the moment I am taking 2x 1000mg time release vitamin C a day, one in the morning and one in the evening and if I get any symptoms, either covid-19 symptoms or a ‘normal’ cold/ sniffle symptoms, I up it to 3 or 4 x 1000mg tablets a day spread out over the day until the symptoms fade. Most people can tolerate this level of vitamin C for periods of up to two weeks without any complications, however if you are on medications it would be wise to check the contra-indications on the drugs you are on.

I am also taking a vitamin B complex as this helps activate the vitamin C and I am taking a vitamin D tablet as this helps cell membranes which is important at this time of viral interference.

There is a lot of research to show that vitamin C is highly effective in treating viruses in clinical conditions and, although this is usually delivered intravenously, getting vitamin C into your body in any form is the point here. (I can send you clinical references separately if you want a long read – there are 4 pages of them)   

Staying hydrated is also very important factor in keeping the immune system in tip top condition. 1.5 to 2.5 litres (3 to 5 pints) of plain water a day is a good target. If you don’t like water try weak squash. This is in addition to the tea, coffee, or alcohol you drink in a day.


Another vitally important part of the immune system jigsaw is exercise. Exercise gets the cells in your body jiggling around, almost like the way cooking gets the cells in the food you are heating up vibrating quicker. We were built to move and exercise (another genetic throwback thing) and our bodies and immune systems work better for it. Get out for a walk, run, or cycle if you can. Dance a bit at home or just swing your arms about a bit. Whatever you do, something is better than nothing, but, be gentle with yourself. Start gently and work up over time rather than work hard on the first time and then stop because of aches and pains. I have done an exciting and informative video for you to watch here !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laiBZWjnsWo&t=46s


Also, as were are integrated beings, the level of our mental health effects our bodies. Statistically it has been shown that happier countries have healthier people. I realise that this is a time of stress and worry for us all. Nothing is ‘normal’, there is no end in sight, and the news is full of frightening statistics about deaths and infections. But there are also stories of hope, of people helping others, of organisations making a difference. In times of crisis it is human nature to come together and support and comfort each other. In THIS time coming together is not an option but we can still support and comfort each other. Social media platforms are a great way to chat and help virtually. The good old telephone is a life saver at the moment. The internet may be groaning with the strain but it is holding up and the BBC is doing its’ best to support the nation through this. Sometime the whole situation seems overwhelming, there are so many questions and not enough answers. That is when I take ten breaths.

This is a beautifully simple technique that doesn’t need any special equipment. All you do is breathe. It is probably best to sit down and do this and perhaps take stuff off the cooker if you are cooking. Promise yourself that you will take this time to breathe and tell all the worries and questions and mental interruptions that you will get back to them after you have taken ten breaths. Then take ten slow breaths. Say in your head to coincide with your breaths “I am breathing in for One”, “I am breathing out for One”, “I am breathing in for Two”, “I am breathing out for Two”, all the way to ten. Breathe gently and at your own speed.  If any part of your brain tries to interrupt you with a thought or worry just park it to one side until you have finished your ten breaths. This will take you less than two minutes. Can your thoughts wait for two minutes? Try it several times a day if necessary, I find it helps me to quieten my brain.


Many Essential oils have anti-viral properties and they smell great. The health food shop in Seaford is still open at the moment, I think it has been categorised as ‘essential’, so you can still get them.

A few drops of Lavender on your hands can be a nice alternative to another bout of hand washing and it will soothe your skin in the process. A few drops on your pillow at night will help you sleep as Lavender is known for its’ relaxing properties.

Eucalyptus is known to help clear the lungs so a few drops of that on your pillow might help if you are congested. Don’t apply Eucalyptus directly to the skin as it is very strong.

I use Tea Tree all the time on cuts and infected skin as it is known for being anti- viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. All three in one.

Rosemary is also known for its anti-viral properties.

If you have a plant mister you could make a mix of all four, Lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, and rosemary, and mist your rooms as a viral deterrent or you could mix them in an oil burner. I sometimes put a shallow dish of water on the top of the radiator and put two or three drops of each into the water and as the water evaporates the smell is released. I you decide to wear a mask then a few drops of lavender and tea tree would probably increase its’ efficiency.


Even in this time of disease and death there is hope and life. People are helping people, people are recovering from this virus, spring flowers are showing their heads, the days are getting longer, we can all help each other by respecting the 2 meter rule and imagine how fabulous you will feel when the restrictions are lifted and we can once again be with our friends and loved ones.

If you need anything or want some help or just want a chat give me a text on 07941 348312 and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


With very best wishes,


p.s. sorry it is such a long mailing, it has been a while since I wrote!!

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