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Physical Wellbeing

Client of the week

Client of the week.....

This week is a 30 year old who suddenly ramped up training from 10K to half marathon and subsequently got sever pain on the outside of her legs starting jut abve the knees and now all the way up.

It has been diagnosed as IT band syndrome and she has received (very painful) treatment to the IT band.

I found that her Sacrum was locked on both sides making her run as if she had snow shoes on (swinging her feet out and then forward). I released her sacrum and then worked both Glute Med and Tensor Facia Lata to release the IT band tension.

Improving speed for Runners

I have just posted a short article which can, if followed closely, increase runners speed, endurance, and reduce recovery times.
There is nothing difficult to it, except the commitment to regular use. Just stretch!!!
Follow this link to read more.....
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